In the 6 years I am now traveling around the world, Thailand is my most visited country. Somehow I ended up coming back to the Land of Smiles over and over and in total I visited, explored, lived and partied in this country 17 times. I have over 40 Thailand stamps in my passport and I am planning to go back again in 2018.

For those people traveling to Thailand soon, I wrote this Thailand travel blog about all the things you should know when you travel to Thailand. Everything you can imagine, from places to see, packing list for Thailand, things to do, food, accommodation options, itineraries, weather, safety issues, island hopping in Thailand and many more things.

Things to know when you visit Thailand

1. Visa

What do you need to travel to Thailand? A passport that is valid for at least another 6 months upon entry into Thailand. Most Western countries get a stamp in their passports upon arrival that permits them to stay up to 30 days. May you arrive over land, until December 2016 would only get a 15-day visa, but luckily things changed. Nowadays you also get a 30-day visa if you enter Thailand over land, but be aware that you can only do two over land crossings per year.

Overstaying your visa is not recommended, but if it is only a couple days you have to pay a 500 THB ($16) fine per day. It happened to me a couple times and it takes 15 minutes extra at the airport. After you pay you get a lot of stamps in your passport and you are good to go. Be careful with this practice though.

If you want to stay longer you can apply for a 2-month tourist visa at any embassy around the world. I have done that a couple times as well so you have enough time to check out all the cool places to visit in Thailand.

Most travelers stay 2 weeks in Thailand and therefore I created 4 different itineraries to see the best tourist spots in the country. Check the link. Curious how I always find the cheapest domestic flights in Thailand? In this blog post, I show you all the 8 Thailand low-cost airlines and how to find the best tickets for traveling around Thailand.

2. Best time to visit Thailand

It is always a good idea to travel to Thailand, but what is the best time and when is the rainy season? The official rainy season is from July till end of October. It does not mean these months are a no-go. I have been in Thailand in almost every month and yes there are some heavy rain showers in the rainy season, but they are not too long. If you want the best Instagram pictures of Thailand then it is advisable to come between December and April.

holiday in thailand

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3. Weather in Thailand

It does not get extremely hot in Thailand and on the islands there is always a breeze or the ocean to cool you off. Who does not love a tropical climate? The pleasant climate is for most people one of the main reasons to travel to Thailand and even when it rains there are a lot of cool things to do. Rain can come unexpectedly even in the dry season, therefore just always carry light rain jackets in your backpack.

thailand vacation

4. Currency in Thailand

In Thailand they use the Thai Baht and 1 US dollar is about 30 Thai Baht. Obviously the currency exchange changes over time, but in general the Thai Baht is pretty stable. In 2009 I got 48 Baht for my Euro but the last years it is pretty stable around 38-40 THB. Can you use dollar in Thailand? It is recommended not to use US dollars when you travel to Thailand, always have local currency on you. There are ATMs everywhere and basically everywhere you can change your dollars into Thai Baht.

How to get around Thailand

Worth of mouth brought me to the transportation search engine website of 12Go Asia and it was a blessing for traveling around Thailand! Their search engine shows you all the available options on any given route. So if you want to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai you simply type it into the search engine and they give you all the options available, so bus tickets, train tickets and even flight tickets. You will find timetables, prices, trip duration, different companies and everything else you need to know. Try it below!

Asian Public Transportation
Powered by 12Go Asia system
One of the best things about booking your bus, boat and train tickets online is that it saves you the hassle of dealing with street vendors and paper tickets. Simply search it, book it and show up. Easy and reliable I used it million times and never had a problem.

5. Things to bring when visiting Thailand

If you are planning to go to backpacking in Thailand you basically don’t need much. Definitely put sunscreen, flipflops, beach wear and bug spray on your Thailand packing list. Click on the link to see all the 40 items I recommend you to bring. Later I will also talk about shopping and then you will find out that everything you forget you can buy in Thailand. Shopping is a reason to travel to Thailand for many people.

6. Travel adapter for Thailand

Thailand was one of the first countries where I found the all-you-can-eat electric sockets. All upscale places have sockets where you can plug almost all electric devices from Australia, Europe, UK and US. Just in case I always travel with a travel adapter.

7. Vaccinations for Thailand

You are asking the wrong guy. In all my trips to Thailand I have never taken any special vaccinations. When you go on a Thailand vacation make sure you have vaccinations for the standard childhood diseases like Tetanus, Diphtheria and Measles. I am also got shots against Hepatitis A+B, but not specially for Thailand. Afraid for Malaria in Thailand? There is no need to as the risk of getting malaria in Thailand is very low even off the beaten track in Thailand there is hardly any risk. The exact same thing counts for yellow fever.

bangkok chinatown tips

8. Is it safe to travel to Thailand

Thailand is very safe for tourists! Every country has its problems and many people don’t even know that the army officially is in power, but as a tourist there are hardly any dangers. With millions of people a year traveling to Thailand the country knows that safety is an important issue and they are doing there utmost best to maintain this safe environment for tourists. No need to hide the ugly truth either about the Koh Tao Murders that happened only a couple hundred meters away from where I was celebrating my birthday that night. But genuinely in all my 17 times I have been on a trip to Thailand I did not have a single problem. Read my full article about how safe it is to travel to Thailand and let me explain the risks, dangers and scams and how to avoid them.

Be a guest in their country, respect their values and don’t act like an ignorant tourist!

What to know about the culture when you visit Thailand

Despite all these amazing things to see and do, the Thai culture should also be one of the reasons you want to travel to Thailand. The combination of the Thai lifestyle, the food, the Buddhism, the people, the magical islands and the inspiring temples make it why they call this the country of Smiles. The capital is a melt pot of cultures, which makes it that there are some amazing places to see in Bangkok.

thailand trip culture

9. Country of Smiles

Thailand’s nickname says enough! This country is all about its smiles and it is one of the pillars of The Thailand tourism industry. On the banana pancake trail, the most popular island hopping route in Thailand, you will find some fierce Thai people dealing with annoying tourists every day and yes they are grumpy. But this does not mean you can generalize a whole country. Thailand is among the friendliest nations around the world and they are always willing to help out a stranger.

10. Late King is God

The King of Thailand was the longest reigning king in the world, but unfortunately died in October 2016. The Thai King was and still is like a God for Thai people, so never mention anything negative about him. After he died the country mourned for 1 year!

11. Don’t touch people’s head

Another thing that is sacred in Thai culture is the head. I am not sure why you are willing to touch someones head anyway, but don’t poke a Thai guys head on your Thailand vacation. 😉

12. Temple heaven

A Thailand holiday is not complete when you haven’t crossed off a whole list of temples. Thailand is not only the land of smiles but also the one and only place to go from temple to temple. Only in Bangkok there are so many temples that you might be templed-out already after a couple days. Visiting the Grand Palace is a must do in Bangkok though. And don’t forget the white temple in Chiang Rai or the ones at Ayutthaya.

thailand tourism temples grand palace

13. Take off your shoes

A vital travel tip for Thailand is to take off your shoes when being asked. It is a rule of etiquette to leave your shoes outside a local home, small shops or authentic restaurants. Now you know why you see all these shoes in front of places on your Thailand trip.

What shoes to bring to Thailand?

Please leave your hiking boots at home. Traveling to Thailand is not like Nepal! Yes there is some cool hiking in Thailand, but the trails are easy. Would you bring hiking shoes for a 2 week trip in Thailand where you may be going to wear those shoes once or twice? It is useless! Just bring those shoes that you comfortable in: runners, sneakers or tracking shoes.

Costs of traveling around Thailand

Are you curious how much it cost to travel around Thailand by boat, bus and train? Check the transportation search engine of 12Go Asia. Even domestic flight can be found here.

Asian Public Transportation
Powered by 12Go Asia system
Here are some examples:
Bus from Bangkok to Phuket: 12 hours – $20.
Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: 11 hours – $27.
Boat from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi: 2 hours – $25.

14. Buddha statues

The main religion in this country is Buddhism and on your Thailand trip I am sorry you are going to visit Buddha statues. There are many different ones: sitting, golden, white, lying, standing , wooden, etc. The most famous is Wat Pho in Bangkok, the white one in Phuket and the sitting one in Koh Samui. A secret Thailand travel tip is Wat Muang, the 92 meter tall Buddha just 150km north of Bangkok.

15. Muay Thai

Of course Thai Boxing is the number one sport. This martial art is like kickboxing but includes elbows and knees. Attending a Muay Thai show is one of those unique things to do in Thailand on your vacation. In all tourists spots in Thailand you will find a show nearby.

Looking for a long list of amazing things to do in Thailand? Then be inspired by all these tour packages around the country: quad biking, zip lining, mountain biking, rock climbing, jet ski, canopy, bungy jumping, abseiling, caving, hot air ballooning and much more.

16. Local markets

Wherever your Thailand trip takes you, local markets are always around. If you like shopping go to the ones where they sell fake sunglasses, fake branded underwear and clothes. But if you want a real experience go to the ones where they sell vegetables, fruits, animals and fish. These places are the ultimate occasions to mingle with locals and see how the Thai people live.

places to see local markets in thailand

17. Food

This will pop up in every Thailand travel blog and honestly, who does not love Thai food? It is one of the reasons that make traveling to Thailand so excited for me. Thai food is renowned all around the world, but definitely tastes the best in Thailand itself. Be careful with ordering spicy food if you are not used to it. (no spicy = mai phet)

18. Street food

There is no better street food scene than in the land of smiles. Asia is heaven for street food, but Thailand is the best when it comes down to finding delicious food on every street corner. You will never have to walk far to stumble upon a street vendor. The food is delicious, it will be prepared per order and very important it can be trusted! Can you trust the street food in Thailand? HELL YES you can! Don’t let all those Thailand travel guides tell you to be careful with street food. I probably ate on the streets about a thousand times and I NEVER got sick. I you go backpacking in Thailand street food is a cheap way to feed you on a daily basis, but be aware that there is a lot of MSG in Thai street food. Order it without MSG by saying ‘Mai Sai Phong Churot’.

Cool Festivals to attend on your trip to Thailand

19. Songkran

One of the best Thailand tips is to plan your trip around this incredible festival between 13 and 15 April. During Songkran, Thai New Year, everyone throws water at each other, which is a symbol for washing away sins and bad luck. Streets are closed for traffic and Bangkok becomes one big playground. Buy some goggles and a water pistol and feel like a kid again. Trust me Songkran is a reason to visit Thailand!

20. Lantern festival in Chiang Mai

For some reason I completely missed the opportunity of going to the famous Latern Festival in Chiang Mai. One of my biggest travel mistakes. This incredible event has been on my bucketlist for a long time now and is the main reason for some tourists to plan a trip to Thailand. Thousands of lanterns are going up in the air to release bad vibes and have a fresh start. The festival is held around mid November, but varies every year.

21. Loi Krathong

On the exact same date Loi Krathong is celebrated in Bangkok. I have been experienced it and the streets are packed with people bringing floating offers to the river. They do this to let go of all their sins and start from scratch.

22. Full moon party

While looking for Thailand travel tips I am sure you found out about the famous Full Moon party in Koh Phangan. This monthly returning festival is an incredibly popular beach party and listed in every travel guide for Thailand. Dance on the beach during full moon all the way till sunrise with up to 40,000 people. If you decide to go to Koh Phangan also consider the Half Moon or the Jungle Party, read more about that later or click on the link to read about my experiences partying in Koh Phangan. I have been 4 times now and yes it is good fun, but there are also downsides.

thailand travel blog

Things to know about nightlife in Thailand

23. Nightlife in Thailand

For a lot of youngsters the nightlife is one of the reasons to visit Thailand and that is completely understandable. Crazy Bangkok is always good for a night out and where there is a beach in Thailand there is a party. Some islands have beach parties every evening, check out where in my island hopping Thailand guide. The nightlife in Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi is among my favorites. Looking for a crazy night in Bangkok?

where to go in thailand bangkok

24. Beach parties

Famous or infamous I like them! I have been to many beach parties in Thailand and I admit they are far from classy but still massive fun. If you are with a group of friends you will talk about it for years, memories for a lifetime. A trip to Thailand is not complete without a beach party in either Koh Phangan or Koh Phi Phi. Looking for a Thailand itinerary including parties? Click on the link to read my Thailand travel blog about it.

Get your funny festival outfits for those crazy nights in Thailand!

25. Jungle Parties

For the best jungle parties in Thailand you have to be in Koh Phangan. One of the best Thailand tips I ever got was when I heard about the Half Moon Party in Koh Phangan. This amazing party is held in the most amazing jungle setting. You won’t find any better outdoor party. If you are backpacking through Thailand put this on your list of things to do.

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26. Pool Parties in Bangkok

What would Bangkok be without a good pool party? There are two kinds of pool parties in this city; the high-energy type that is packed with models and the city’s most beautiful people and those that are basically a lot of fun and laid back. Whatever mood you’re in, every weekend there is a pool party in Bangkok. This is a must do when you like to party and travel to Bangkok.

pool parties in bangkok

27. Ladyboy show

There is no country like Thailand when it comes to ladyboys! I am pretty sure for most of us that is not a reason to travel to Thailand, but attending a ladyboy show is surely worth the entertainment. Attending a ladyboy show in Koh Tao was great fun with a group of friends.

28. Pingpong show

Another infamous reason, but so high on many travelers list of things to do in Thailand! Loads of people will not admit it, but almost everyone sooner or later ends up at a pingpong show. Its name basically comes from ladies shooting pingpong balls in the audience in a very special way and there is a list of many more tricks these ladies are able to preform with their magic box! 🙂

travel to thailand ping pong shows

29. Naked Sushi for dinner

Everything is possible on your trip to Thailand and Naked Sushi is one of the crazy things to do in Bangkok. Basically, sushi is placed upon the naked body of a girl lying down on the middle of the table. And then you eat it off of her. The girl is completely naked except for a few strategically placed banana leaves. Of course you can’t use chopsticks so you have to use your mouth. Check out the link for a full review. Never seen in any other Thailand travel blog. 🙂

naked sushi in bangkok

General Thailand tourism tips and things to know

30. Tuktuks

When you think about a trip to Thailand, you think about the funny tricycles called Tuktuks. Some of them have an interior better than some modern discos. What to do in Thailand when you are drunk and want to go home? Jump in a Tuktuk. Drivers are funny and always up for a laugh, but mind you that prices for a ride are up to 5 times more than what they should cost with Uber. But at least it is a cool experience!

thailand tips tuktuk

31. Uber in Thailand is Grab Taxi

If you don’t have Grab Taxi yet, start downloading it for your Thailand vacation. Grab is the way to go around. Taxi’s will most of the times try to screw you over, so skip all the hassle and order a Grab Taxi straight from the app. For a long time there Uber in Thailand, but lately Grab Taxi took over Uber. This is my favorite way of how to get around Thailand.

32. Renting a motorbike in Thailand

Thailand is not the country of motorbikes that is Vietnam, but even in Thailand driving a motorbike across the country is a fantastic experience, especially in the north. Even for short day trips renting a motorbike in Thailand is so much more fun than booking a tour. A motorbike does not cost more than $5 a day, but be aware not to get scammed. Read more info about it in the link.

33. Easy to travel in Thailand

Because this is the most popular country to travel for youngsters there are uncountable businesses that try to make money of the tourism industry. Therefore you can find a travel agency or tour desk on every street corner. Even when you go for ice cream they will also sell you a boat tickets. There is no need to make a detailed plan if you travel to Thailand. If you want some ideas I created 4 different itineraries with things to do in Thailand (beaches, temples, parties and culture), click on the link.

travel to thailand with friends

34. Making friends

One of the highlights about a trip to Thailand is that you are going to make friends for life. There are so many travelers around that meeting likeminded people is kind of guaranteed and there is no reason to be afraid to end up lonely in Thailand. Fellow travelers you randomly meet will tell you where to go in Thailand, they give you island hopping tips, they tell you about the best places to stay and with some you might end up traveling around the country or fall in love! 🙂 Looking for friends? Travel to Thailand!

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35. Backpacking Thailand is heaven for solo travelers

If you are looking for the best country for solo travelers then stop searching. Thailand is the number one backpacking country in the world simply because all of these reasons I am summing up to travel to Thailand. It has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday plus traveling is made easy because of the well-organized transportation network. There are a ton of hostels in Thailand where it is easy to connect with fellow travelers.

36. Banana Pancake Hub

For many travelers Thailand is the starting and ending point on a trip through South East Asia, also called the Banana Pancake Trail. Bangkok is the perfect hub to visit the surrounding countries Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. In my Thailand itineraries blog I also created a perfect island hopping itinerary from Thailand to Malaysia.

37. Budget traveling

Thailand is budget friendly and that is of course why a lot of young people travel to Thailand after their studies. With a small budget you can get really far and even luxury is affordable. So how much does a trip to Thailand cost? That totally depends on what you want to spend. There are bars where a cocktail costs $2 but you can also find rooftop bars where cocktails cost $25. Click on the link for a breakdown of prices in Thailand. Book bus, train and boat tickets for traveling in Thailand online via 12Go Asia, a reliable source.

Asian Public Transportation
Powered by 12Go Asia system

38. Affordable Luxury

Like I just said even if you are a luxury traveler a trip to Thailand will suit you. Thailand tourism is doing really well because the value for money is amazing in this country. There are a ton of 5 star hotels in Thailand and one is even more fantastic than the other. Some locations are over the top expensive like Koh Samui and Phuket but in the rest of Thailand you can easily find 5 star hotels for around $100 per room per night. No hidden fees, simply affordable luxury. A luxury Thailand holiday does not have to be expensive!

Find amazing 5 star hotels for just $100 per night in Bangkok. Who does not want to travel in style and not pay a fortune?

39. Massages

A Thailand vacation is not complete without a massage. Honestly I am not a fan of a Thai massage and I always opt for an oil massage. The great thing about it is that an hour massage will cost you around $6 in the cheaper places. That means you can get one every day if you want to. Don’t be scared you are going to be touched at places you don’t want to! Places with happy end massages simply look different.

40. Crazy monkeys

Another important thing to know when you travel to Thailand is about the monkeys. They may look cute but they aren’t the most humble ones in the world. They are so used to tourists that they became rude. There is no need to be afraid for them, but please approach with care. They are guaranteed for funny scenes though as they will climb up to people and steal sunglasses, hats, cameras, backpacks, etc. You are warned! Don’t let a monkey ruin your Thailand holiday!

thailand travel tips stay away from monkeys

Places to visit on your Thailand trip

41. Visit the Thai Islands

Talking about island hopping in Thailand, the gorgeous islands made Thailand tourism one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. Pictures of the pristine beaches, the karst mountains and the traditional longtail boats have gone viral all over the internet. Island hopping is one of the best things to do in Thailand, click on the link for all my tips.

travel to thailand islands

42. Visit the right Thai Beaches

Needless to say that the picture perfect white sand beaches are one of the main reasons people want to go island hopping in Thailand. Be careful though! Not all beaches are like in the pictures. Instagram is a bitch! 😉 A down side, of traveling to Thailand being so popular, is the mass tourism. Make sure you know where to go in Thailand and do some research before your trip to find those unspoiled beaches. Find out which are the best islands to visit in Thailand in this link.

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43. Bangkok is unique

Crazy Bangkok! There is of course a reason the Hangover 2 was shot in Bangkok. Nights out here can get crazy. Bangkok never sleeps and during the day there are many things to do in Bangkok, but at nighttime the city really comes alive. During the day you should explore the temples, the canals, Chinatown, the backpackers area, the river, the markets and its shopping malls and when the sun starts to go down grab a cocktail on a rooftop and end up partying till the sun comes up. This city is unique in its kind. I have lived on and off in Thailand between 2013 and 2016 and Bangkok was my base. I miss this city! Check out my top 10 things to do in Bangkok.

thailand travel tips rooftop bars in bangkok

44. Visit Khao Sok National Park

One of the coolest things to do in Thailand when you are looking for an adventure is to head to Khao Sok National Park. Stay overnight in this amazing green oasis and enjoy the peaceful nights watching stars from the balcony over your bungalow on the water. Go kayaking, hiking or even camping in the jungle.

Transportation in Thailand

Find your transportation in Thailand through the search engine below. They compare bus, boat and flight tickets. They give you all the options available, including time schedules and you book online. No hassle, online ticket and a guaranteed seat! Try it and find your route below.

Asian Public Transportation
Powered by 12Go Asia system

45. National Park Ang Thong

In total 42 little green rock islands surrounded by shallow sea is what National Park Ang Thong is made of. One of the most amazing things to do in Thailand is to hike up to the viewpoint for an exceptional view over this natural beauty. Luckily it is a protected area and there are no hotels. Staying overnight in Ang Thong is possible if you are backpacking Thailand. This secret travel tip is for the die-hard traveler as there is no hot water and almost no electricity, but there are some tents for rent at the park headquarters in Koh Wua Talab.

Click on the link to find day trips to Ang Thong National Park from Koh Samui.

46. Khao San Road

A lot of countries have a famous street, which somehow turned into a tourist attraction. In Thailand that is Khao San Road, probably the most famous backpacking street in the world. Two Mc Donald’s, two Starbuck’s and two Burger Kings in a 500 meter long street does not sound like a reason to travel to Thailand, but this street is a unique experience. The uncountable street vendors, market stalls, restaurants, massage salons, bars, clubs and souvenirs shops make this one of the most bustling streets in the world. It is the heart of Thailand tourism.

47. Maeklong Railway Market

This is a small authentic market set on the railway tracks. One minute there is a bustling market under umbrellas with stalls scattered everywhere. The next minute a train passes right through the middle of it all, only to turn back into a market a few minutes later. The train market is open 7 days a week from 6.20 am to 5.40 pm. That is matching the schedule of first train departing to the last train arriving at Maeklong Station. Truly something amazing to experience! Put it on the list of places to visit in Thailand.

what to do in thailand railway market

What to do when you travel to Thailand

48. Jungle trekking

It is not all about beaches in Thailand. The hilly countryside of Chiang Mai is perfect to go for trekking. There are 3 jungle trekking tours / hiking tours in Chiang Mai I recommend in particular: the Kew Mae Pan Nature trail, hiking in the Chaeson National Park, hiking in Doi Inthanon National Park.

There are much more things to do in Chiang Mai than only jungle trekking tours. What about rafting on the Mae Taeng, mountain biking in Doi Suthep National Park, wakeboarding or even a quad biking tour at Huey Tung Tao Lake or in Mae Taeng.

49. Learn how to scuba dive

Learning how to scuba dive is one of the best things to do in Thailand. The dive community on the islands is huge and you will find dive schools everywhere. The conditions are perfect for first time divers and on top of that it is among the cheapest places in the world to get certified, especially on my favorite island in Thailand: Koh Tao. Click on the link to read everything about this little gem. Learn how to scuba dive is a popular activity for those backpacking Thailand.

Domestic flights in Thailand

Check out this blog post with a Thai domestic flight search guide. Tips on how to find cheap flight deals for traveling around Thailand.

50. Scuba diving

Even if you are an experienced scuba diver a Thailand trip is worth it for its underwater world. With so many islands it is obvious that there are many cool places to go scuba diving in Thailand. For experienced divers I would recommend dive sites like Sail Rock and Chumporn Pinnacle close to Koh Tao, the Similan Islands, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

51. Snorkeling

Not everyone is a fan of scuba diving and don’t worry Thailand has also plenty of snorkeling options all around the islands. Just rent a snorkel set and head out by yourself or hop on of the many snorkeling day trips that are offered on every island. Need help making an island hopping Thailand itinerary? Click on the link! I created 4 different 1-week itineraries, which you can all combine if you want to island hop for a month.

52. Tab Kak Hang Nak Hike

If you are looking for some adventure on your Thailand trip and want to see one of the coolest places to visit in Thailand then definitely put this on your list. To me this is one of the best things to do as I love adventure. I am sure the photo says it all. The hike through the forest is not easy and it even includes some climbing, but the views from the top are rewarding. Don’t underestimate this tourist attraction. Many Thailand travel blogs will tell you how amazing it is, but they forget to tell you that climbing to the top is very hard!

tab kak hang nak viewpoint

53. Shopping

With so many markets there is no need to tell you that Thailand is a shopping heaven. If you are a shopaholic I am sure your Thailand holiday will be a success. You will surely love getting lost in Siam and Sukhumvit where one shopping mall is lined up next to the other. But not only in the capital, everywhere you go in the country souvenirs and other stuff will be thrown at you. The best places to visit in Thailand for shopping are in Bangkok: Chinatown, Asiatique, Siam Square, Patpong Night Market, floating markets, Happy Land Junction.

54. Sunset cocktails

No matter if you are in Bangkok in Chiang Mai or on one of the islands, sunsets in Thailand are spectacular! Sipping a happy hour cocktail on the rooftop watching the sun go down over the bustling city below is one of the best things to do in Bangkok. With your feet in the sand watching the sun go down in the ocean is not bad either, right? The colors of Thai sunsets vary to such amazing extremes that through the course of this daily phenomenon, it can seem like a completely different sunset just a couple minutes later.

sunsets beaches in thailand

This photo is taken from a private pool villa I rented in Phuket. We paid $120 per night, but we were with 4 people sharing.

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55. Swim with elephants

I have still never done it myself but I have seen so many incredible photos of people having the time of their life bathing with elephants. Please note that not all of these elephant sanctuaries are what they say they are and please do some research where to go in Thailand before signing up to visit one of these elephant sanctuaries. Another secret Thailand travel tip is to spend the night in an elephant rescue home and get to spend lots of time with the animals. Check out: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. I have not been here myself, but it is high on my list of places to visit in Thailand.

What not to do when you travel to Thailand

56. Don’t ride elephants

Most people traveling to Thailand are already aware that riding elephants is not done, but still many tour agencies offer these trips. In most probably any Thailand travel blog you will be discouraged not to do so and by writing this I hope I make you realize that riding an elephant in Thailand is not cool! Stop animal cruelty and refuse to take pictures with elephants, but instead do some research and visit a reputable sanctuary.

57. Don’t take selfies with tigers

Another thing not to do when you travel to Thailand is to take selfies with tigers. Why do you think they are so calm and stare into your camera? Ever realized that these animals are drugged? Do you like to be drugged? Yes some people may like it, I am not a saint either. 🙂 But obviously this is animal cruelty as well and refrain from taking selfies with tigers in Thailand please!

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    Handy tips for when you travel to Thailand

    58. Eat sweet mangos

    Eat as many sweet mangoes as you can when you travel to Thailand! This fruit can get any better than in Thailand, I am kind of addicted to them. You can buy them pretty much anywhere on the streets or on markets.

    59. Chang or Singha

    Singha is the oldest and most well-known beer in Thailand and together with Chang they rule the beer market in Thailand. Chang is mostly a couple cents cheaper. I like both, or basically I don’t really care what I drink. 🙂

    60. Starbucks, 7Eleven and fast food chains

    If you are a fan of fast food you are going to be spoiled for choice. On your trip to Thailand you will see more Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King than you have ever seen anywhere else. The same for Starbucks and 7Eleven.

    61. Buffet breakfast

    I already told you that luxury is affordable but when you book an upscale hotel in Thailand make sure it has one of those hotel breakfasts to die for.

    62. Better to buy bottled water

    Tap water in Thailand can officially be consumed, I have done it many times and never got sick. Bottled water though does hardly cost anything so it is wise to not take the risk and spend a couple cents to buy bottled water in Thailand.

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    63. Best sim card in Thailand for tourists

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    I hope all these tips, recommendations and advices make you realize how amazingly easy it is to travel to Thailand. It is not for nothing that I always say that you can hardly go wrong by booking a trip to Thailand. Over the years I have sent many people to the land of smiles and I had never anyone who did not like their vacation or backpacking holiday. Don’t forget that I can fix you $30 travel credit for Airbnb, just click here.

    renting a motorbike in thailand

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    Thanks to my German friend Nicole who is working and living in Bangkok for a couple years already for helping me out with some amazing photos. Go check out here Bangkok based blog Nicrulez.

    Enjoy your trip to Thailand!




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